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Everyone loves the relaxation and ambiance an open fire brings.  With your own Maks Fabrication fire ring, you can turn any backyard or outdoor space into a unique and comfortable atmosphere. These fire pit rings are built to last. Manufactured in house at Maks Fabrication, these fire pit rings are far superior to the fire pit rings sold in big box store or purchased from over seas.

We have many designs and custom design options and we are always looking to expand our collections!

Maks Fabrication fire rings feature:

  • 11-gauge mild steel strength
  • Professionally welded
  • Approx. size 30" x 30" x 12"
  • 2 options available: Bare Metal or High Heat Flat Black Paint
  • Proudly made in Canada 

Please Note: Two different finishes are available for the fire pit rings. The bare metal option will rust over time or the customer can decide to paint the fire ring themselves. The second option is to have the fire pit ring painted by us using a high heat flat black paint.

***WARNING - This product is for outdoor use only. The steel gets extremely hot during and immediately after use and will burn if touched. Please allow for a complete cooldown of the fire pit before disassembling. Children require adult supervision around any open flame or fire pit.

* please allow 1-3 weeks for manufacturing